Sailors at Community Boating Center, NE Reach Center of Excellence, are encouraged to fill their reusable drink using the Zip2 System

An important aspect of STEM and Sailing is Environmental Education. Challenge yourself, your students, and your program to go green as we all work together to keep our waters blue. Remember, as educators we are role modules in words and our actions!


10 Steps to Sustainable Sailing

  1. Encourage students to use reusable drink containers.
  2. Provide a place for students and young sailors to refill their drink containers on and off the water. Provide a water fountain or a ZIP2 System.
  3. Make sure your classroom has recycle bins and youth are sorting items correctly.
  4. Encourage students to pack lunches that produce less waste (use reusable containers).
  5. Use eco friendly cleaners when washing boats.
  6. Use eco friendly bottom paint for your powerboats and keel boats.
  7. Encourage students to car pool or ride their bike to the sailing center.
  8. Invite local waterway and marine science experts to your sailing center for programming. Check out Sharing the Seas: Safe Boating for Sailors and Whales – NARWC
  9. Implement Reach Module 18: A Sailor’s Environmental Impact to your Adventure Sailing students.
  10. Host a beach or water clean up where you sail. Check out Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean for info on collecting data during your cleanup.


Sailor’s for the Sea – Clean Regattas Program

RYA: The Green Blue – The Green Blue is the environmental awareness initiative developed by the RYA and British Marine Federation (BMF)

Sailor’s for the Sea – KELP Kids Environmental Lesson Plans

North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium (NARWC) – Safe Boating for Sailors and Whales

2016 Sailing Leadership Forum Presentation: Conservation without Consternation