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2nd Quarter – June 2015 –  US Sailing Reach Webinar #2 Marine Debris w/ Rachael Miller of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean

1st Quarter February 2015 – Topics: NOAA Surface Weather Map Webinar March 19th, 11th Hour/ Reach RFP,  Become a Reach Instructor



December 2014 – Reach at the Young Mariners Foundation,  New England Science and Sailing awarded grant from AmeriCorp, Community Sailing Center in Lake Champlain, 2014 Year in Review

March 2014  – Topics: Reach at Charleston Raceweek, Reach at the Leadership Forum

January 2014 – Topics:  2013 Reach Accomplishments, 2014 grants



November 2013 – Topics: US Sailing brings Science and Engineering to kids, Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center & Module 6

October 2013 – Topics: Community Boating Center in Providence, Sea Affinity in Baltimore, the Science of Sailing the AC72

August 2013 – Topics: STEM Educator Course Schedule, Incorporating Reach using US Sailing’s Red Book, Student Testimonials

July 2013– Topics: What’s Happening with Reach, New Products and Courses, Look Who is Implementing Reach

June 2013 – Topics: New Educator Guide, Why STEM Blog, A note from US Sailing Reach Program Manager