Letter from students at Community Boating Inc. Boston

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Dear Jessica,

We are from US Sailing’s Reach Program at Community Boating Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts. On Monday, we started with group games and learned about renewable energy and why it is the future of our generation. We designed cars that run on a specific renewable power source. We liked this activity because we got to share our ideas together and brainstorm about other designs on Tuesdays, we were given pictures of a river, mountain, and ocean and had to pick where to build a healthy living environment. Through this project, we learned about the history of the Charles River and brainstormed how to eradicate the pollution from the waterway. We were given real life situations in the environment and had to figure out how to fix them. On Wednesday, we experienced the heaviest winds n the River all summer so we decided to would be a great day to measure the wind by building anemometers and recording the readings. They were fun to build and gave us a chance to be creative with friendly competition. Thursday we discussed the use of simple machines and how they help us sail without putting more stress on the sailor. We demonstrated the use of simple machines on our Sonars in two groups. We also explored the edges of the Charles River and looked at the marine debris, discussing the amount of time it takes the trash to decompose. Today, we are building clay model boats to test their buoyancy using differently designed hull shapes and filling them with metal bolts as the cargo. We named our boats and explained why we chose the hull shape in their designs. This was our favorite day because we were able to be very creative in a competition!


Iris, Athena, Youngwon, Tim, Kevin, Landon, and Max (CBI students)


Community Boating Inc.

Boston, Massachusetts