“I’m pretty critical when it comes to STEM, and there is a lot of trendy/science-as-entertainment stuff out there, but it looks like Reach has mostly gotten it right.  It appears tactile, mechanical and not dumbed-down.  It’s not whiz-bang or computer- or video-driven.  It looks like it’s the kind of thing that builds intuition and more importantly, the ability to build intuition.” – Brian Bauman Ph.D.

The Reach modules are correlated to National Education Standards in science and math, as well as Learn Sailing Right! Beginner and Intermediate.



Investigative Question

Module 1 Measuring Wind “How can we use the wind if we can’t see it?”
Module 2 Buoyancy “How does this boat float?”
Module 3 Sail Area and Perimeter “What shape are sails and why?”
Module 4 Simple Machines on Sailboats “Why do boats have all these ropes and pulleys?”
Module 5 Water Quality Testing “What is happening in the water out there?”
Module 6 Marine Debris “How does marine debris get in our waters and where does it go?”
Module 7 Upwind Sailing Angles “How does geometry affect my sailing?”
Module 8 Land and Sea Breezes “Why does the wind change as the day progresses?”
Module 9 Wind Power “How is wind used as power?”
Module 10 Underwater Exploration “How can we learn more about our sailing environment?”

US Sailing’s STEM Education Series

REACH Educator Guide Middle School, Modules 1-10

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