US Sailing reserves the right to cancel in the event that registration is below 8 registrants. We would like to points of contact a secondary and a primary. One of the highlights of the course is the opportunity to invite educators from the community into your venue and begin to build partnerships in the community or expand on previous ones. US Sailing will advertise the event through our channels and be look to the host venue to do the same.

Introduction – In the morning we ask the host facility to do an introduction and give attendees background about the host facility, programs offered there, and there plans with Reach.

Breakfast – Many clubs offer coffee and light breakfast or snack which is greatly appreciated.

Technical Supplies Required:

1. Internet Access
2. Projector
3. Screen
4. Audio

Classroom Supplies Required:

1. Two Flip Charts
2. White Board
3. One Set of Old Sails (420 sails are preferable but not required)