Community Boating Center Provides Unique Pathway to Maritime Career – Student Testimonial

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This is where is all started – the Community Boating Center of Providence. Just a 13 year old kid who’s grandma forced him to go to a summer sailing camp. I remember it like it was yesterday, I hated the first week! But as time went on I started to like the idea of sailing. The following summer I was asked to be a junior instructor. This only led me to love the idea of passing what you know on to the young. When I was 16 they presented me with an opportunity – An opportunity which has changed my life forever. They offered me a sailing instructor position. I learned a lot about myself in the years I was a sailing instructor. I learned from the children who I was instructing. Over time CBC started to trust me not only with the children but they also taught me how to maintain sailboats and from that they taught me how to repair them. There it was, my eyes opened up to a whole new world. My life has had it’s moments but when I’m sailing nothing else matters, I forget about the world, I am stress free and truly happy. With my love for sailing growing everyday I am proud to say that on the 17th of March I will be starting my first full time job at the Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard as one of their riggers. I would like to thank CBC for everything they have taught me and also my family for always being there for me. I am one step closer to my goal.” – Anthony CBC prior student