Mike Switzer of South Carolina Public Radio interviews Wayne Burdick, president of Beneteau’s North American Boat Operations in Marion, SC and Windy Key, training communications administrator for US Sailing about the implementation of Reach in South Carolina. Read More from Cruising World


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The Reach Initiative

Reach CBC, STEM, Sailing
Community Boating Center (CBC) , the first Reach Initiative “Center of Excellence.” Check out these future women in STEM at CBC. Photo Credit: CBC


Join the 400+ programs taking part in US Sailing’s Reach Initiative, utilizing sailing as an educational platform, challenging youth to embrace education, establishing a love of learning while exploring productive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)



US Sailing would like to thank 11th Hour Racing, a program of the Schmidt Family Foundation for their generous support of the Reach Initiative and the NE Hub pilot plan. We look forward to supporting the next generation of STEM leaders and ocean stewards. Thank you!


How can you participate in the Reach Initiative?

1. Implement the Reach modules at your school or sailing program.

2. Register for the STEM Educator Course. 

3. Host a STEM Educator Course for sailing instructors and teachers.

4. Register your organization with US Sailing’s Reach Initiative!


What does the Reach Initiative look like at my school or sailing program?

1. See Reach in action at Community Boating Center and New England Science and Sailing.

2. Host a Reach – Sailing through STEM Night at your program!

3. Take a field trip to a local Sail Loft.

4. Hear it from those who have implemented Reach through our blogs.


What is new with Reach?

1. Check out the latest newsletter.


virtual Field-trip to Ullman Sail Loft with students from Life Sail

A Highlight of US Sailing's Reach Program